CatTales Paws for A Cause Tandem – 9 June

It is once again time for our 2nd Saturday Tandem auction for the benefit of good causes!  We have a spectacular line-up on the way for today, and we sincerely hope that  you can join us at 9AM while we auction off absolutely stunning kitties and send at least a little good out into the world while we do!  Take a peek at those stunning kitties in the photo above, and then come and see us at CatTales at 9AM! Scoop up a lovely kitty or two of your very own!

In case you aren’t familiar with our charity tandem event, each 2nd Saturday of the month, Mirsoul and Kiki put together an auction with up to 15 panels, and instead of taking the usual 10% commission of each sale for the auctioneer, we instead ask that you put that money into one of the charity kiosks (the choice is yours, which you donate to, should you put a cat up for auction.  We provide kiosks for Relay for Life (American Cancer Society), #TeamFox for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, and MSF/Doctors Without Borders.  Of course, if you would like to donate the entire proceeds of sale to the charity of your choice, that is most appreciated, but it is not required.

On the way for today’s line-up:

7T Burmese Sable-Destiny Rivers-Frisky-Ody Equine-Myst
9T TSilver-EJ-Blush-Fluffy-SF-Latte DP
Confetti Plumberry w/Changing Leaf
4T TSnow-Soul Spark-Chop DP
CostumeParty! – Donkey Dear
9T Oci CinSil-EJ-Porc-Fussy-SF-DChoc Drmy
PAIR of sELFies! – PurrFect Purple
PAIR of sELFies! – Lucky Lime
8T TCoal-Uber Ody-Porc-Soft Fold BooBoo-Black DP
8T Burmilla Lilac-Exot Seas-Blush-SP-SC-Flame DD TOY
6T Pinkie-Ody Bellini-Fussy-Wild Tiger-White BDB

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