KittyCatS with Kiki on the Beach – 16 June

Oh my glittering pixies do we have an amazing line-up of KittyCatS for today’s auction with yours truly on the beach at CatTales! We’ve got Toyger Snow! There’s a little bit of Marble Magic! And collection cats from years past, like a LoveBirds Forever Yours, A rainbow Rainy DayDream, a special first time offspring from the Costume Party Collection – a sweet little Holy Cow!  We also have sweet little cuties with fantastic breeder’s traits, such as Odyssey Equine ears, Chocolate Tipped Flame (hiding Butterscotch Tipped Black) whiskers!  There’s a cutie on every single panel, so make sure you join us at 10:30AM on the Beach at CatTales for these fantastic furry felines!

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