CatTales Paws for a Cause – 14 July 2018

There is a bevy of beautiful kitties to behold at this morning’s 9AM Paws for a Cause Charity auction at CatTales! We hope that you will join us!

Our line-up for this month’s auction includes two collection sets – a set of Tiger! Tiger! collection cats, male and female of each, in Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Blue, and Purple (only the Rainbow ultra-rares are not included), for a total of 12 cats.  Additionally, we have the entire set of ScareCrowS from the Haunted Collection of 2014Every single one, including the rares, and the special first-time offspring!

On top of these wonderful collection cats, we also have a lovely little Toyger Snow with Opaline eyes, a Burmilla Lilac with Tranquility and Chocolate Tipped Flame, a sweet little “Moo” kitty with Exotic Journey, Dreamy Fold and a bunny butt Puff  tail, a Toyger Silver with Destiny Rivers eyes, a female Burmilla Lilac with Galaxy Gator eyes and Double Dreamy whiskers, an SL14B Carnivalesque Baby, a Toyger Caramel with Galaxy Star, SIBLING Tonkinese Blue Minks with Fancie Indigo Diamond eyes, a Chateau Slate & White No. 1 with Marble Magic eyes, and SIBLING Tonkinese Lilac Torties with Morning Glory, hiding Uber Odyssey eyes!  So many fantastic felines, please come and see us this morning at 9AM!

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