Coffee and Cats at 9am with Mirsoul

What an amazing and gorgeous line up we have this morning.  Each of these babies would be a fantastic addition to your cattery! We even have a fully traited NEW Burmilla Chocolate Caramel! And there is even a Devil Doll – hOt anGeLS! – BooBerry Toy.  I think my pick this week though is a drop dead beautiful Burmilla Red with Pumpkin and Butterscotch…AND she hides Marble Magic! How sweet is that?  So save the time and join me at 9am, hope to see you there.

AP Panel

8T Burmilla Lilac-Tap Royale-Flair-SF-Flame Light Wave


Panel 1

9T Burmilla Choc Caramel-Soul Whisp-Illume-Posh-SC-CT Light Wave


Panel 2

9T Burmilla Choc-Marble Magic-blush-Plush-SF-CTF DD


Panel 3

9T TCoal-Galaxy Orbit-Porc-Fluffy-SF-White OFW


Panel 4

Devil Doll – hOt anGeLS! – BooBerry TOY


Panel 5

9T RBlack-Fire-Porc-Myst-Vamp-Black Myst (F)


Panel 6

6T Grey&White #2-Tap Allure-Twink-Sashay-BooBoo


Panel 7

9T RBlack-Ody Bel-Porc-Fussy-Wild Tiger-BW Frazz (M)


Panel 8

9T Ben Blue-Gal Star-Blush-SP-Tufted-Flame SL


Panel 9

9T Tiger Bubblegum-Exot Breeze-Twink-Tiger Curl-Wild Tiger-BW Wavy

Panel 10

7T TCaramel-Blush-SP-Tufted-CTF SL


Panel 11

7T Burmilla Red-Pumpkin-Dreamy-SF-Butterscotch


Raffle: Raffle: 6T TCaramel-Serenity-SP-SF Flame

So hop on the broom stick and join us for some kittycats fun and mayhem!

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