Thursday at Three with Mirsoul

We have a wonderful line up today.  We have a NutCracker Sweets! Platinum Prince, a CapN Plum and even an April Foolish! Not to mention the pair of Tonk. Blue Minks with Gerbera Orange and a Russian Black with Blacklight! So many gorgeous kitties, don’t miss out; join me at 3pm.

8T Tonk Blue-Gerb Orange-Twink-Posh-SC-Mono DP (F)
8T Tonk Blue-Gerb Orange-Twink-Posh-SC-Mono DP (M)

8T Crm&White Tab-Wild Ody-Twink-Chop-CTF DD

8T Auss Char-Ody Bel-Twink-fluffy-DV-Latte DP BDB (April Foolish!)

♂ CapN Plum – Fall Collection 2016

9T RBlack-Pom-Blush-Fluffy-Equine-Latte DP (F)

9T RBlack-Blacklight-Glitter-BooBoo-Vamp-Black Myst (M)

♂ NutCracker SweetS! – Platinum Prince

9T 3 Spot-Exot Brz-Twink-Cur-Rounded-Latte OFW

6T TTurquoise-Exot Seas-BooBoo-Latte

Take the ride and join us for some wicked good fun!

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