HOLY COW…we have so much amazing today! New furs, Collectables, trait bombs! Take a look below and find the kitty that you just have to have! Hope to see you at 9am.

Panel 1

3T Confetti Appleberry-BW Light Wave

Panel 2

7T TBubblegum-Jade-Tiger curl-Wild tiger-Black Myst

Panel 3

SpiderCatS! – The Widower
SpiderCatS! – The Widow

Panel 4

CookieCat – Yummy (F)
CookieCat – Yummy (M)

Panel 5

6T Tiger Golden Ticket-Twilight-Flair-Snappy-BooBoo

Panel 6

7T TSnow-Dest Waters-Fluffy-Pixie-CTF DD(F)
7T TSnow-Dest Waters-Fluffy-Pixie-CTF DD (M)

Panel 7

Regal Royal – Duke (PERMA)
Regal Royal – Dutchess (PERMA)

Panel 8

Devil Doll – hOt anGeLS! – Boo Raspberry MEGA

Panel 9

COMPLETE set of Delectable Darling’s

Panel 10

5T Burmilla Choc. Caramel-Posh-BooBoo-OFW (F)
4T Burmilla Choc. Caramel-Fluffy-Stubyy (M)

Panel 11

9T Bali Flame-EJ-Twink-Fussy-Equine-Cream DP

Panel 12

9T Pandie Brown&White-Huckleberry-Glitter-Cur-Ody1-Black Myst MEGA (164

Panel 13

9T Burmilla Choc-Bronze-Glitter-Plush-Tufted-BTB DP (M)
9T Burmilla Choc-Bronze-Glitter-Plush-Tufted-BTB DP TOY (F)

Panel 14

7T Auss. Snow-MM-SP-Boo Boo-DChoc DD (F)
8T Auss. Snow-MM-Twink-SP-BooBoo-DChoc DD (M)

Panel 15

9T Aby S&P-EJ-Porc-Lush-SC-White DD


RAFFLE:  SpiderCatS! РHallow!
3T Tawny Tabby-Black Fussy PETITE

Join me this moring, and help us to help some great causes


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