Coffee and Cats at 9:30am with Mirsoul

Yes, I am staring 30 minutes late this morning.  BUT, this gives you more time to perv these fabulous felines!  In our line up we have the rare SpiderCats Cat Trap, Marble Magic on a Toyer Snow, a simply stunning Toyger Silver with Gerbera Blue, an adorable Ocicat Cinnamon Silver with Beach Blue; the cute is overflowing.  Take a peek below and find the one that melts your heart.

Panel 1

7T TSnow-MM-Plush-SF-Latte DP

Panel 2

6T TBubblegum-Illume-SP-CT DD MEGA

Panel 3

SpiderCatS! – Cat Trap

Panel 4

8T Auss. Lilac-Soul Whisp-blush-Puff-Equine-CTF DD

Panel 5

9T RBlack-Bronze-Blitter-Plush-Tufted-BTB DP

Panel 6

6T Pandie Plat-Fluffy-Tiger Fold-Flame DD

Panel 7

8T Oci CinSil-Beach Blue-Porc-Fussy-SF-DChoc Snappy

Panel 8

8T TSilver-Gerbera Blue-Flair-Myst-SF-Latte DP

Panel 9

9T RBlack-Fire-Blush-Fluffy-Equine-Cream Dreamy MEGA

Panel 10

8T SSBW-Sunset-Porc-Sashay-SC-White OFW

Panel 11

8T Slate&White #1-MM-Blush-Frisky-SF-CT DD

Auctioneer’s Panel 

AP: 8T Burmese Sable-Ocean Mist-Lush-SF-CT DD


And our Raffle Kitty 🙂
9T Burmilla Lilac-Divine-Flair-Big BooBoo-SF-BW Light Wave

Join me for some early morning shenanigans!


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