Coffee and Cats with Mirsoul at 9am

What an amazing line up we have for you this morning!  Ody Magic eyes, Tiger Fold ears, Burmilla Chocolate Caramel and some trait bombs that you will want to scoop up!  Hope to see you there.

6T Oci Black-Soul Spark-Tiger Fold-BS Stubby
9T Cream&White #1-Gal Orbit-Porc-fluffy-SF-Latte SL
4T Ginger-Ody Magic-Twink-Flame
4T Pearl-Posh-Tiger Fold-BW Fussy MEGA
SpiderCatS! – Hallow! MEGA
7T Burm. Choc. Caramel-Twilight-Twink-SF-Latte Stubby
SpiderCatS! – Rawr!
9T TLavender-Exot Brz-Blush-SP-Tufted-Latte Sassy
9T Burmilla Choc-Seren Glow-Twink-Plush-Vamp-Latte Light Wave (M)
8T Burmilla Choc-Sern Glow-Twink-Plush-Vamp-Latte Dreamy (F)
9T Aby Cin-Pumpkin-Porc-Fluffy-Equine-Butterscotch DP PETITE
8T Aby LIlac-MM-Fluffy-SF-CT MEGA

AP: TCoal-MM-Blush-SF-Flame DD
Raffle: 7T Burmese Sable-Twilight-fluffy-MoF-BS Sassy

Join me for some early morning shenanigans!

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