Thursday at Three with Mirsoul

The line up today is glorious!  9T Tiger Chartreuse Toy, Auss. Charcoal Mega, a new Burmilla Chocolate Caramel and a couple of pretty awesome Confetti Cats! So take the ride and join me for some fun, fur and of course laughter.

Panel 1

2T Confetti Limeberry-Boo Boo (Hides Myst or PSF-Light Wave or Sassy)


Panel 2

9T Tiger Chart-Gal Star-Flair-Fluffy-SF-DChoc. Light Wave TOY


Panel 3

9T Oci Black-MM-blush-Firsky-SF-CTF Dreamy


Panel 4



Panel 5

9T TSilver-Light Wash-Blush-Fluffy-SF-CT SL


Panel 6

9T Foxie Blond-EJ-Blush-Fluffy-Foxie-Flame Dreamy


Panel 7

SpiderCatS! – Rawr!


Panel 8

9T Ben Blue-Gal Star-Blush-SP-Tufted-Flame SL


Panel 9

9T Burmilla Choc-MM-blush-Frisky-MoF-Flame DP

Panel 10

3T Confetti CocoBerry-BS-Frazz (Hiding Blueberry Or Orangeberry)

Panel 11

7T Burmilla Choc. Caramel-blush-SF-BS SL

AP Panel

AP: 8T RBlack-MM-Illume-Fluffy-White Fussy


Raffle: 9T Silver&White Tab-Tap Roy-Flair-Big BooBoo-SF-White LW


Take the ride and join us for some wicked good fun!

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