Thursday at Three with Mirsoul

WooHoo! What a line up we have today!  Take a peek below and get your bidding fingers ready.

Panel 1

9T Auss. Lilac-EJ-Twink-Sashay-SC-CT Snappy TEACUP

Panel 2

Confetti Orangeberry

Panel 3

9T Tonk. Lilac Tort-EJ-Twink-Dreamy-Equine-CT DD

Panel 4

9T Ben Blue-Gal Star-Blush-SP-Tufted-CT SL

Panel 5

3T Confetti CocoBerry-Dry Olive-BW (F)
3T Confetti CocoBerry-BS Frazz (M)

Panel 6

9T RWhite-Opaline-Blush-SP-SF-White Dreamy (F)

Panel 7

9T RWhite-Exot Seas-Blush-Swanky-SF-White BooBoo (M)

Panel 8

8T Pandie E&I-Wild Ody-Illume-Cur-CTF Plush TOY

Panel 9

9T TCaramel-Seren Glow-Illume-Fluffy-SF-Flame Light Wave

Panel 10

7T Auss Snow-Seren Stare-SP-BooBoo-CTF DD

Panel 11

6T Burmilla Choc. Caramel-Twilight-Big BooBoo-BooBoo-Latte OFW

Auctioneer’s Panel

AP: 9T TCoal-MM-Blush-Puff-SF-flame DD


Raffle: Raffle: 8T TCaramel-MM-Blush-BooBoo-Rounded Fold- CT Dreamy

I do hope you will join me at CatTales for some wicked good fun!

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