Paws For A Cause – 9 March 2019

WOW! We have absolutely amazing KittyCatS up for grabs in today’s “Paws for a Cause” KittyCatS auction at CatTales! Please come and join us at 9AM SLT (Pacific) as we offer up some amazing KittyCats, both bred and collection! And, on top of all of that? We’ve got a boxed Fancie Cat!

Fancie Bengal – Indigo Indulgence! As with all Fancie cats, this lovely little kitty will give a gem with every single box you breed! How awesome is that?!

The collection cats up for grabs include:
cRaZy lOVe Hot For You Pair – Love Collection 2016
Teacup Special Love Boy (Special OS – SweetCats 2 Love Collection 2019)
PermaPet Megapuss Maneki Dreams – Togetherness Dream (Special OS – Maneki Dreams Spring Collection 2016)
Nutcracker Sweets – Platinum Prince (boxed) – Nutcracker Sweets (Special OS) Winter Collection 2016
Delectable Darling – Coconut Milk (Boxed) Spring Collection 2012
Mummy Mia Moldie Oldie Pair (Boxed) – Spooky Collection 2012
Bunny Baby – Coral (Boxed) – Bunny Babies Spring Collection 2014
Toy SweetCats 2 Hubba Hubba (Boxed) – SweetCats 2 Love Collection 2019

In addition, we have some truly lovely breeder’s cats, including:
– 8TM Burmilla Chococlate w/ Super Posh & Tufted! Bigger de Big!
– 9TF Tiger! Huckleberry w/ Exotic Journey, Stubby & Scotty Fold!
– 6TF Red & White Tabby w/ Odyssey Magic!
– 9TM Russian Black w/ Galaxy Burst!
– 9TM Bengal Silver w/ Grotto!
– SIBLING SET Australian Mist Ginger w/ Meditation Bliss & Pixie Point/Scotty Fold!

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