A Farewell From Kiki

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this post to announce that I am no longer a part of CatTales.  There are a few matters of “business” regarding this change that we need to go over, information that renters, patrons, and friends of the market need to be made aware of, so let’s get started there.

You will need to join a new group to place items at CatTales.  You can use search to find the group “CatTales KittyCats Market“, rather than “*CatTales”.  I apologize for this inconvenience, and to be honest, it was not strictly necessary.  I would never have done anything to harm CatTales as a market.  I have always been proud of the part that I played in making it what it was.

If you followed CatTales on Facebook, you will need to head over to the new page, and give that one a follow instead.  You can find that here: CatTales KittyCats Market.

Although it seems that every effort is being made to erase my involvement and participation in CatTales, I won’t ever forget.  Until I got sick, I spent every day, seven days per week, from the time I got up, until the time I went to bed for the evening, there.  I was always on the lookout for things that I could do to make CatTales warm and friendly and … better.   I dealt with every renter and patron question and problem that was brought to my attention.  I poured my heart and soul into CatTales.  I involved Vortex in CatTales for his scripting assistance.   He registered and hosts the domain cattal.es, as he threw himself as hard into the market as he could, too.  The adoptions listing? Those were all him.  The merchant’s directory? All him. Auctioneer’s HUDs were created by Vortex to help make our lives easier in that way, too.  More tools were in the works – but unfortunately his schedule has been a bit full of late, looking for a new job, etc.

Every story has two sides – and I’m not going to go into that here, but I am going to say that this was never how I wanted things to go, or the ending that I had hoped for.  I had hoped to be part of CatTales, always.   Even discussing the possibility of there being no more KittyCatS to auction or sell, we had talked about what we could do with the sim and the group … after.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to thrive, or even exist in an environment that becomes hostile and unwelcoming.

I may no longer be part of CatTales, but I wish every renter, every patron, every auctioneer (and instructor) there, all the very best.  I wish you joy, and love, and kindness.   I wish you patience and understanding when you can not do all the things that others feel you owe them, and the support you deserve when things are hard for you.

4 thoughts on “A Farewell From Kiki
  1. Kiki, whatever happened, and for whatever reason, I am so sorry that the environment became hostile and unwelcoming for you. I wish you well in everything that you do, and I hope that I will still see you in-world.

    1. I will still be around in SL, and I am *never* too busy for a friend (but I am often out of window in Photoshop), so never hesitate to say hello any time. Much love!

      I also want to make clear that Dee, Oriana, Gia, and Corvi have *nothing* to do with anything that went sideways at *all*. They are all great auctioneers and teachers, they are lovely people. I appreciate their loyalty and devotion to CatTales very much. Mirsoul was and always will be important to me, and CatTales is in good hands with her,. There is no reason to worry about anything in terms of the market, I am very sure.

      That said, when there is conflict between two people in a working environment, most of the time one of them has to go. In this situation, it was apparently me. I’ve been accused of calling patrons “dicks”, and being disrespectful. I can wish that friends knew me better than that, and that my long history in KittyCats and with many of them was enough to demonstrate that I would never do anything with intentional malice, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

      I am sorry that I ever caused anyone any offense or made anyone feel disrespected. I can’t address the apology directly to those people, because I don’t know who they are. And that’s okay, but I hope that one day I will have the chance, or that they will see this and know that I regret causing them offense.

      1. Kiki I am so sad to read all this .. and just know .. I thought and think you are a wonderful soft caring person .. and Cat Tales are at a loss losing you. I really care and so glad you one of my friends .. even we had more of a patron / auctioneer relationship, I got to know you as a caring person .. it shined through in everything you did. I really looking up to you as a breeder too and your remarks about the kitties while you auctioned teached me so much. Thank you so much for all you did for me. Love you!

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