Auction Schedule & Rules

CatTales has KittyCatS auctions each week at the following times:

  • Monday 11AM Gypsy Cats with Dee: [SLURL]
  • Tuesday 9AM  Zen Garden with Dee: [SLURL]
  • Tuesday 4PM Fantasia Cats with Oriana: [SLURL]
  • Wednesday 3PM Seasonal Auction with Dee: [SLURL]
  • Thursday 3PM Sleepy Hollow with Mirsoul: [SLURL]
  • Saturday 6AM Nifty Fifties Kitties with China: [SLURL]
  • Saturday 9AM Sleepy Hollow with Mirsoul: [SLURL]
  • Saturday 9AM (every 2nd Saturday) with the auctioneers of CatTaleS! [SLURL]
  • Saturday 10:30AM (except every 2nd Saturday) On the Beach with Kiki: [SLURL]
  • Sunday 6AM Early Bird Auction with Mirsoul: [SLURL]
  • Sunday 6PM Kitty Cove with Dee! [SLURL]

All CatTales auctions share the same rules, which are as follows:

  1. Minimum Opening Bid: L$300.  We believe that since it costs more than L$100 to produce a kitten that it is economically unhealthy for you, the breeder, and the market as a whole to sell kittens for that price.  Since a cat very well may sell for its opening bid at an auction, we ask that you start no lower than L$300. 
  2. Seven (7) traits or more, OR something new or rare/special. Auctions are a time to show off the kittens that you are most pleased or proud of having bred, and we want to see the amazing results of your efforts!
  3. Panels must be set up no later than 24 hours prior to auction.  We ask that you please allow your auctioneer plenty of time to advertise your cat, and time to go over the pedigree to sort out potential hidden traits.   Cats do not have to be live, but we do recommend it, highly! You will earn CatTales Catnip for setting up on time and/or for having your kitty live on the panel.  For set-up, you must have your cat placed (boxed or live) no later than 24 hoursFor the live kitty, your kitty must be unpacked no later than 2 hours prior to auction.
  4. Please do not place a cat with the same fur as another patron.  If you absolutely have no other cat to place on your panel, you may set a cat with the same fur if, and only if, the cat is the opposite gender of the one already placed.  It is not particularly considerate to other patrons to bring the same kind of cat to auction, and whoever set up their cat first is given priority. 
  5. One cat per panel per auction.   We will allow the sale of twins or sibling breeding pairs, however these are the only exceptions to this rule.
  6. You must own at least one grandparent of your KittyCat.  New traits are not necessarily exceptions to this rule, but there may be times and situations where auctioneers may make allowances, such as when partners and friends are known to breed cats together.  Kitties may also be bred on your alts, so long as you are willing to disclose the alt to your auctioneer, or are openly using an alt. If you have sold parents or grandparents or both, or you breed cooperatively with a friend or partner, PLEASE speak with your auctioneer.  We do understand these situations happen, and we are happy to work with you.

If you have questions or concerns about any of these rules you are welcomed and encouraged to speak with your auctioneer!