CatTales Paws for a Cause Charity Tandem with Kiki & Mirsoul – 10 February

Happy Caturday, CatTales friends!  As it’s the second Saturday of the month, it’s once again time for the CatTales “Paws” for a Cause tandem auction with Kiki & Mirsoul.  Please join us this morning at the charity auction area at CatTales at 9AM, where Mirsoul and Kiki will be asking that in lieu of tips, […]

Staff Changes

Hello, CatTales Friends! Well, as you may have noticed, there have certainly been some changes around the place. We have had to bid farewell to a member of our staff, our sim manager, Punkie Magic. Although we had hoped that she might continue auctioning at CatTales, it seems that that will not be the case.  […]

A Word About Our Auction Rules

Hi there, CatTales Admin here again, and though really, you don’t usually hear a lot from me, in the past few days a couple of issues have come up that we, the staff as a whole, have felt do need to be addressed. You can find the complete list of our auction rules right here.  […]

Dear Everyone

Hi there.  This is your resident CatTales Admin speaking.  You don’t usually hear a lot from me, but I felt that it was somewhat important to say a few things today. As most of you know, we had to cancel auctions today, Saturday 6 May.  We didn’t really want to do this. First and foremost, […]