Early Bird KittyCats Auction with Mirsoul 6am

Grab that morning beverage and join me at CatTales.  We have some epic kitties for you this morning, take one home…you know you want to. 9T TCaramel-Gal Star-Blush-Posh-SF-Flame DD (M) 9T TCaramel-Gal Star-Blush-Posh-SF-Flame DD (F) 9T Tonk Blue-Gal Star-Twink-Fluffy-SC-CT Swanky LIte 9T Crm&White 1-Ody Bel-blush-Dreamy-SF-Latte Stubby 6T TSilber-Soul Spark-Twink-fluffy-Tufted BDB 9T Burmilla LIlac-Tranq-Blush-Fluffy-SF-Flame OFW 8T […]

Thursday at 3pm with Mirsoul

Another amazing line up for you today! Join me in the Goblin Garden and take one home with you. 8T Ben Blue-Tap Organica-Blush-SP-SF-Flame DP 8T TCoal-Ody Bellini-Illume-Fluffy-Soft Fold BooBoo-CT DP 8T Burm Champ-Serendp Glow-Blush-Puff-Cream DD 9T Auss. Lilac-Gal Moon-blush-Puff-SC-CTF OFW 9T Burmilla Red-Soul Whisp-Twink-fluffy-SF-Latte DD 9T Foxie CC&C-Onyx-Porc-Dreamy-Pixie-Latte Fussy TOY 4T Ginger II-Dest Waters-fluffy-Dreamy Fold […]

Thursday 3pm KittyCats Auction with Mirsoul

We have some gorgeous kitties awaiting you today! Come on over and take a peek!   9T 3 Spot-Pumpkin-Twink-Fluffy-MoF-Black DP Retro RoboCatS! – Kaleidoscope Twin Girls 9T Red Tab-LIC-Twink-Puff-Rounded-BW Myst 6T RBlack-Soul Spark-Twink-Sassy-Tufted 9T Oci CinSil-Cognac-Glitter-Plush-Ody 2-BS Drmy (M) 9T Oci CinSil-Cognac-Glitter-Plush-Ody 2-BS Drmy (F) 9T Burmilla Choc-Gal Star-Twink-fluffy-SF-Latte DD 5T TCoal-Illume-SF-CTF DD 9T Tonk […]

Early Bird 6am Sunday Auction

Grab your robe, slippers and some early morning snacks and join me at CatTales!  It’s early but we have some amazing kitties!! 9T RBlack-Passion-Twink-Wild-Vamp-Black DP 9T Siam Blue Tort-Malachite-Glitter-Fluffy-Ody Rounded BooBoo-Choc Tip Stubby TOY 7T TCoal-Ody Burst-Glitter-Posh-Soft Fold BooBoo-Flame DS 9T Tawny Tab-Gal Moon-Twink-Lush-SC-Dark Choc DP 9T SSHBW-Soul Whis-Blush-Plush-SF-Flame DP 9T Ben Snow-Fancie Indigo-Twink-fluffy-SF-Latte Swanky […]