Thursdays at 3pm with Mirsoul

What a gorgeous lineup we have today!! 9T Chat B&W1-Crys Drm-Flair-Big BooBoo-MoF-BW Swanky 5T TCoal-MoF-Flame 9T Bali Crm-Jade-Illume-Myst-Rounded-Wht Myst 9T Burmilla Lilac-Tranq-Blush-fluffy-SF-Flame OFW 9T 3Spot-EJ-Illume-Drmy-SF-Wht DP MEGA 8T Auss. Lilac-Destiny Rivers-Blush-Puff-Tufted-Choc Tip Drmy 9T Aby Lilac-Soul Ships-Blush-Fluffy-SF-White DSnappy 8T Tonk Lilac Tort-Morning Glory-Flair-SF-White DSnappy 9T SS Red-Pom-Blush-Lush-SF-Flame DP 9T Tonk Blue-Changing Leaf-Blush-Fluffy-SC-CTF DSnappy(F) 9T Tonk […]

WOWZA! We have an amazing line up for you today.  Our patrons have busted out some spectacular starter bangers! 9T Sil&Wht Tab-Onyx-Twink-Big BooBoo-Scotty-BW Drmy 9T TCaramel-Onys-Twink-Fluffy-Scotty-Choc Tip Flame DDrmy TOY HeLL-O-Kitteh! – faLLen AngeLS! – Illuminate MEGAPUSS 9T Bali Flame-Malachite-Tiwnk-Fussy-Scotty-Latte Drmy (TWINS) 9T Tonk Champ-Exotic Brz-Twink-Stubby-Rounded-White Plush 9T Foxie Red-Apple-Porc-Cur-MoF-BW Frazzled 9T Aby Crm-Crystal Drm-Flair-BooBoo-Big […]