A Word About Our Auction Rules

Hi there, CatTales Admin here again, and though really, you don’t usually hear a lot from me, in the past few days a couple of issues have come up that we, the staff as a whole, have felt do need to be addressed. You can find the complete list of our auction rules right here.  […]

Dear Everyone

Hi there.  This is your resident CatTales Admin speaking.  You don’t usually hear a lot from me, but I felt that it was somewhat important to say a few things today. As most of you know, we had to cancel auctions today, Saturday 6 May.  We didn’t really want to do this. First and foremost, […]

It’s a Bob’s Life

People are so….odd.  There is this holiday called Thanksgiving where they cook lots of different food and sit around and eat all day.  So, Greenie and I thought we would give it a try.  Well, let me tell you what a day that was! It started off alright, Greenie and I got up, we went […]

CatTales Happenings!

Did you know Cat Tales now has bidboards? We also have an accessory area and love area as well! We are growing fast to offer our renters all the best ways to  sell their cats and accessories! We also help you advertise your shops and we have listed them on the Merchant Directory! Bidboards are […]