It’s a Bob’s Life

People are so….odd.  There is this holiday called Thanksgiving where they cook lots of different food and sit around and eat all day.  So, Greenie and I thought we would give it a try.  Well, let me tell you what a day that was! It started off alright, Greenie and I got up, we went […]

CatTales Happenings!

Did you know Cat Tales now has bidboards? We also have an accessory area and love area as well! We are growing fast to offer our renters all the best ways to  sell their cats and accessories! We also help you advertise your shops and we have listed them on the Merchant Directory! Bidboards are […]

Cat Tales has expanded!

Hi everyone, If you haven’t noticed there are some new shops around Drake’s Neverland auction area. That’s right, Cat Tales has expanded! Offering more shops and carts, and a brand new auction being held by Drake on Saturday’s at 9Am. Bidboards have also been added and are 50L per day and can be rented one […]

A Bob’s Life

I have traveled to so many places; usually in the arms of another…this world is easy. I ended up in this area I know not how. I simply woke up into being one day and here I was. At first I wasn’t sure, as the place I was sitting was sort of scary. It was […]

Thursday 3pm with Mirsoul

Holy CatTales! What a line up we have today! Gorgeous Burmillas! 9T Burmilla BS-Ody Bel-Twink-Dreamy-MoF-Latte Stubby 9T Burmilla Red-Ody Bel-Flair-Dreamy-MoF-D Choc Stubby So many more! 9T Aussie L Choc-Plat-Glitter-Myst-Ody 2-Dusky Myst 8T Aby Crm-Sunset-Flair-Frisky-Myst-Cream OFW 7T Moo-Ody Bel-Lush-Wild Tiger-Plush TOY 9T Burmilla BS-Ody Bel-Twink-Dreamy-MoF-Latte Stubby 8T BSH-Ody Crystal Rose-Fussy-Scotty-Flame Myst 9T Burmilla Red-Ody Bel-Flair-Dreamy-MoF-D Choc […]