• I rented at CatTales but I can’t rez my items! When you rented, you should have received a group invite from kittypalooza Resident. If you did not get it, or you did not accept it at that time, please contact me (Micaela Lemondrop) or Mirsoul Macbeth in world to request a group invite. You must have the group tag to rez at CatTales. Unfortunately, due to griefers at CatTales, we have had to turn open enrollment off in our group.
  • I am a renter at CatTales, and I would like to post advertising notices, but I can’t! You’ll need to contact me (Micaela Lemondrop) or Mirsoul Macbeth in world to be placed in the appropriate role for sending notices. Please keep in mind that you can send 4 notices per day, and you may include other locations, but a CatTales location must also be included.
  • Can I place breedables other than KittyCatS in my CatTales shop? CatTales is primarily a KittyCatS secondary marketplace, however, if you are into some other breedable cats, such as WK Cats or Stray Cats, you may place bundles/boxes/shells out for sale in your shop. We also encourage you to provide landmark givers (which require a click, no automated givers) to all of your breedables shops at your CatTales shop. You can also find our rental rules in general here:
  • I would like to participate in a CatTales KittyCatS auction. How can I? Our auctions schedule and all of our auction rules can be found on the CatTales blog here:

If you have another question which isn’t covered here, please leave your message with me in world and I will get back to you as soon as possible! ♥