Market-Wide Rules

CatTales aims to be a warm and welcoming place to all patrons, renters, shoppers, and visitors, and as much as possible, a drama-free zone.  That being said it has become necessary to make our market-wide rules more visible to the public at large.  These have always been our policies, but we are laying them out in print that there may be no further confusion or doubt about them.


No Harassment, Abuse, Bullying, Hate Speech, Etc.

Be Kind. If you are incapable of being kind, then Be Quiet! There is a zero tolerance policy in place for this rule.  If you violate this one you are subject to ejection and ban, and all your items returned from the market, without any refunds for panel fees or rental time remaining. You will be warned one time.  (This does not mean once per staff member!)

Some examples of problematic behavior include, but are not limited to:

  • Tampering with another renter’s shop or blocking view or access with malicious intent.
  • Deliberately attempting to make another renter, patron,  or shopper uncomfortable by word or by deed.  If you dislike someone, avoid them where possible.
  • Attempting to discourage sales (in shops or at auction) for another patron or renter.
  • Publicly speaking ill of another patron or renter or their animal(s).

CatTaleS is not a platform for personal vendettas!

No Nudity

We understand the difference between that moment you teleport in and your mesh hasn’t properly rezzed and persons who are there to jam out with their clam out/hang out with their wang out. Don’t be that girl/guy.

Linden Lab’s Own Policies Are Also In Effect Here!

We shouldn’t have to spell this one out.