Rental Rules

We very much appreciate your interest in renting with us at CatTales!

We do have a few rules that you will need to abide by in order to ensure a positive experience for everyone.  We are attempting to keep things pretty short and sweet, and we hope that you won’t find any of these rules terribly restrictive.

Please pay your rent in a timely fashion.   We will always allow you at the very least a 24 hour grace period (usually a bit longer), but after 48 hours all of your items are subject to be returned to you.  You will find them in your Lost and Found folder if this should happen.

You pay for your prims, and you may choose to use them to have some live kitties out for sale.  However, if you do have a live kitty out, the cat must have Walk/Run disabled.  The cat may sit, lay, roll over, and do those type of movements, but no live kitty may have walk enabled, period.  KittyCatS are quality scripted items, and as such, are as low lag as they can possibly be, script-wise.  However, the thing about KittyCatS – and any scripted, moving item – is that the most amount of lag is caused by collisions. If your cat can’t walk or run around, then it can’t bump into, or collide, with anything, and it keeps the lag down!

Cats in the love area should be between 90% and 100% love.  As per the rules about live kitties, the cats in this area may be full prim, they may either be posed, or they may simply have walk disabled.  Females and Males should be in the appropriate side of the love area, please.

Signs must fit on the facade of your rental – please do not build on the top or block the view of other rentals.  You may have decor or cats outside the front door of your shop, or slightly to the sides but please be respectful of your neighbors.

Landmark givers to your other shops are permitted provided that visitors must click to receive them. Please no welcome mat style item givers of any kind, or any script which automatically sends items or popups to visitors.

CatTales Group is to be used to advertise your kitties here at CatTales.  Please do not advertise for other markets or auctions in the CatTales group.  If you rent with us, you may include landmarks to other locations as well as CatTales.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns about these rules, please feel free to contact Micaela Lemondrop or Mirsoul Macbeth