Thursday at 3pm with Mirsoul

Another amazing line up for you today! Join me in the Goblin Garden and take one home with you. 8T Ben Blue-Tap Organica-Blush-SP-SF-Flame DP 8T TCoal-Ody Bellini-Illume-Fluffy-Soft Fold BooBoo-CT DP 8T Burm Champ-Serendp Glow-Blush-Puff-Cream DD 9T Auss. Lilac-Gal Moon-blush-Puff-SC-CTF OFW 9T Burmilla Red-Soul Whisp-Twink-fluffy-SF-Latte DD 9T Foxie CC&C-Onyx-Porc-Dreamy-Pixie-Latte Fussy TOY 4T Ginger II-Dest Waters-fluffy-Dreamy Fold […]

Thursday 3pm KittyCats Auction with Mirsoul

We have some gorgeous kitties awaiting you today! Come on over and take a peek!   9T 3 Spot-Pumpkin-Twink-Fluffy-MoF-Black DP Retro RoboCatS! – Kaleidoscope Twin Girls 9T Red Tab-LIC-Twink-Puff-Rounded-BW Myst 6T RBlack-Soul Spark-Twink-Sassy-Tufted 9T Oci CinSil-Cognac-Glitter-Plush-Ody 2-BS Drmy (M) 9T Oci CinSil-Cognac-Glitter-Plush-Ody 2-BS Drmy (F) 9T Burmilla Choc-Gal Star-Twink-fluffy-SF-Latte DD 5T TCoal-Illume-SF-CTF DD 9T Tonk […]

Early Bird 6am Sunday Auction

Grab your robe, slippers and some early morning snacks and join me at CatTales!  It’s early but we have some amazing kitties!! 9T RBlack-Passion-Twink-Wild-Vamp-Black DP 9T Siam Blue Tort-Malachite-Glitter-Fluffy-Ody Rounded BooBoo-Choc Tip Stubby TOY 7T TCoal-Ody Burst-Glitter-Posh-Soft Fold BooBoo-Flame DS 9T Tawny Tab-Gal Moon-Twink-Lush-SC-Dark Choc DP 9T SSHBW-Soul Whis-Blush-Plush-SF-Flame DP 9T Ben Snow-Fancie Indigo-Twink-fluffy-SF-Latte Swanky […]