6am Early Bird Auction with Mirsoul

WARNING! Cuteness overload this morning! We have a Flowers and Showers from 2014, Toyger Caramel with Marble Magic, vintage Bali Chocolate with Blueberry eyes! Join me this morning for kittycat mayhem; who knows maybe you will take one home with you. Join me for early morning shenanigans! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Little%20Sprites/231/240/21

Early Bird Auction at 6am with Mirsoul

It’s a gorgeous day here at CatTales! This mornings auction is filled with some fabulous feline’s just vying for your attention.  Sibling sets of Siamese Blue Torties, Toyger Tawny’s, Bold Love – O collector from 2014, a pair of Rainy DayDream – Periwinkle from the Winter collection of 2014, a gorgeous Chateau that hides Marble Magic eyes…and […]